We exist to proclaim Jesus Christ

Nate & Sarah Higgins

We are Nate, Sarah, Ryleigh and Camrynn Higgins. We have been attending Urban Grace Church since April 2012, and have grown our family from 2 to 4 in the interim. Our growth and development in the Gospel of Jesus Christ has taken us on a very wild ride, from a completely broken unhealthy relationship to leading a City Group with the intent on learning how the Gospel plays out and transforms our lives. Both Sarah and I are entrepreneurs each with our own budding businesses in the Calgary area as well as raising 2 young girls, Ryleigh is 3.5 and Camrynn 1.5.

We have been city group leaders since January of 2013, and our belief is that Jesus calls us to make disciples. And our goal is to make disciples that serve and contribute and not merely absorb. There are many phases of our Christian faith, much like phases in life from preconception to death and much like in parenting our children as with our city group, we don’t want people to remain children forever but to be matured Christian disciples capable of making disciples who make disciples.

The rhythms of our City Group is Gospel, Family, Mission. As a group we will share a meal together potluck style (non negotiable, the food is just to good). We’ll talk and share stories of how the gospel is being played out in our lives, either successfully or otherwise. We also have been walking through the book of Matthew (since January 2016 so maybe crawling is a better description) alongside our sermon series’ again with intent on growing in the Gospel.

We meet Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm at our home in Silver Springs (257 Silver Mead Cl NW)