We exist to proclaim Jesus Christ

Ben Bronsch

I grew up as the oldest of three kids in a loving Christian home. My Dad was a pastor, and so I grew up being around the church. I’ve been a Christina for as long as I can remember, and my life is a life that tells the story of a God who protects me and is full of grace for me, even in the small details of my life.

Currently, my parents and siblings live in Canmore while I live in Calgary at Ambrose University. Currently I am just over one years away from finishing my Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in theology studies. I am looking at furthering my education by taking a Masters degree after that.

My role at Urban Grace, as intern, is to assist Pastor Trev is everything he does. If it makes his job easier, I do it. I also attend various Urban Grace meetings, preach on occasion, and deal with all things admin.