We exist to proclaim Jesus Christ

The Big

The Big

Our Big Family gathering is currently at 10am. Please register here


Our church building is located on 64 Ave NW in between both 4 Street and 14 Street. Our service takes place each Sunday morning, with coffee, tea, water, and bibles provided. Our Sunday Big gatherings focus on three things: Gospel, Family, and Mission.


We focus on the Gospel; lifting high the name of Jesus Christ, sharing the Gospel, and teaching the Bible are all important elements that we focus on each and every Sunday morning. In addition, we share a big family meal each Sunday, commonly known as communion/the Lord’s Supper/Eucharist as way of remembering what Jesus did for us, and as a way of proclaiming the Gospel. There are also several songs of worship, led by our talented musicians.


We gather to support and love our fellow family members. At Urban Grace, we refer to ourselves as a family, and families need to take time to support one another, prayer together, share together, serve one another, and spend time together. Gathering corporately to worship as a family is foundational to life at Urban Grace Church.


We gather to get equipped for mission. Jesus left us a mission: to spread the Gospel to everyone. At the Sunday Service, you will be equipped through teaching and worship to live out the call Jesus has placed on each believer.

We would love it if you would join us Sunday at 10:00 am!