Bringing Grace to the City

We seek to be a blessing to everyone our church comes in contact with.

When the early church in the Bible’s book of Acts first started, they were a blessing to the cities that they were a part of (Acts 8:8). We want everyone to know that although everything that we do is for Jesus and because of Jesus, if you do not yet believe in Jesus, we hope you will be blessed by this church anyway.


Urban Grace is all about Jesus. Everything we do as a church begins and ends with Him. Some foundational truths about Jesus: Jesus claimed to be God. Jesus died for our sins. Jesus rose from the dead.


Whether you grew up in church or have never stepped foot into a place of worship, we’d like to connect you to our church family.


City Groups are places where we gather informally to understand how Jesus relates to our everyday lives, how to serve and bless our city, and how to serve each other through prayer, friendship & service.

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823 64th Ave NW

 2 weeks ago via @UrbanGraceYYC

UG CHURCH: due to a scheduling conflict we are MOVING OUR SERVICE this morning , March 4th, to Westbourne Baptist.…

 2 weeks ago via @UrbanGraceYYC

Happy Valentines Day, Nikki! Love ya! @ Banff, Alberta

 last month via @UrbanGraceYYC

And now why do you wait? Rise and be baptized and wash away your sins, calling on his name.…

 last month via @UrbanGraceYYC

Baptism Sunday is coming! Celebrate with us this Sunday morning at 10:30.

 last month via @UrbanGraceYYC

Just posted a photo @ Calgary, Alberta

 January 8, 2018 via @UrbanGraceYYC

Join us for our Christmas Eve Service at Westbourne Baptist (823 64th ave NW) at 4-5pm. @ Urban…

 December 20, 2017 via @UrbanGraceYYC

Our Christmas Eve service will be held at Westbourne Baptist (823 64th ave NW) at 4pm. Bring a friend and Come celebrate Jesus with us.

 December 19, 2017 via @UrbanGraceYYC

“We are secure, not because we hold tightly to Jesus, but because He holds tightly to us”
- R.C. Sproul (1939-2017) #PostTenebrasLux

 December 16, 2017 via @UrbanGraceYYC

Reminder: TODAY is the LAST DAY to register for the Women’s Retreat.
Link to register is in our…

 November 20, 2017 via @UrbanGraceYYC

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