Bringing Grace to the City

Here at Urban Grace we seek to be a blessing to everyone our church comes in contact with. When the early church in the Bible’s book of Acts first started, they were a blessing to the cities that they were a part of (Acts 8:8). We want everyone to know that although everything that we do is for Jesus and because of Jesus, if you do not yet believe in Jesus, we hope you will be blessed by this church anyway.


Urban Grace is all about Jesus. Everything we do as a church begins and ends with Him. Some foundational truths about Jesus: Jesus claimed to be God. Jesus died for our sins. Jesus rose from the dead.


Whether you grew up in church or have never stepped foot into a place of worship, we’d like to connect you to our church family.


City Groups are places where we gather informally to understand how Jesus relates to our everyday lives, how to serve and bless our city, and how to serve each other through prayer, friendship & service.

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"Commitment to God does not excuse disobedience to God"- Pastor Trevor Rysavy

 3 weeks ago via @UrbanGraceYYC

Miss the sermon launch last Sunday? No problem: listen or download for free on our soundcloud page or website!

 4 weeks ago via @UrbanGraceYYC

"When God wants to renew a people, he starts with a remnant!"
Pastor Trevor @trevrysavy

"Remnant" Series continue…

 4 weeks ago via @UrbanGraceYYC

Brand New Sermon Series beginning this Sunday, 10:30am, at the Kerby Centre! Don't miss it!

 last month via @UrbanGraceYYC

New message on fasting this Sunday by Pastor Trevor! Don't miss it, this Sunday at 10:30am! #all4Jesus

 last month via @UrbanGraceYYC

Happy New Year!! Church is resuming this Sunday, 10:30am at the Kerby Centre! #Jesuswillbeglorified

 last month via @UrbanGraceYYC

Christmas is fast approaching, and so is our Christmas Eve service! Come celebrate with us as we lift up Jesus!…

 December 12, 2016 via @UrbanGraceYYC

I hear the intern is preaching this Sunday! Join us, 10:30am at the Kerby Center for James 5:7-12 #urbangraceyyc

 November 30, 2016 via @UrbanGraceYYC

Do you sing to the Lord because of what he has done for you? #urbangraceyyc #psalms

 June 18, 2016 via @UrbanGraceYYC

Are you able to rejoice in the Lord during your suffering? #urbangraceyyc #psalms

 June 17, 2016 via @UrbanGraceYYC

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